West Balkan Mineral Register of

Primary raw materials

PRM data are addressed to active, abandoned and closed mines that might be interesting for further exploration / exploitation and perspective greenfields where any relevant data exit.

The WEST BALKAN MINERAL REGISTER of Primary Raw Materials relates to mineral deposits and mineral endowment in the EU neighbouring countries in West Balkan. It addresses one of the major challenges of RMI Raw Materials Initiative (II. Pillar) ‐ fostering sustainable supply of raw materials from EU sources. Mineral Register facilitates establishment of W. Balkan mineral community and accelerates mineral exploration. These actions will outreach EIT RM community to the region still apart and enable integration of West Balkan into pan‐European mineral market. According to EU mineral demands and its strategic tendencies, metals, industrial minerals and rocks are integrated in a common data‐set, with special focus on critical raw materials (CRM).


The 473 locations of primary mineral resources are represented in the table on the European Geological Data Infrastructure (EGDI) map. Uploaded data can be browsed, viewed and queried.   

Data may be searched by location, country, major mineral etc. in the field SEARCH. Data are displayed in increasing or decreasing order, using the buttons UP and DOWN (on the right side).

Mines (INSPIRE) Greenfields (INSPIRE) Municipality Country (INSPIRE) Lat. WGS 84 (INSPIRE) Lon. WGS 84 (INSPIRE) Current status (INSPIRE) Mining method (INSPIRE) Concessionare (INSPIRE) Reserves (tones) (INSPIRE) Reserves type Concentration of Useful Component in Ore Reserves type (INSPIRE) Sheet number (OGK) Type of deposit Type of deposit (INSPIRE) Size of deposit (km2) Size of deposit (INSPIRE) Age of deposit (INSPIRE) Rock type Major minerals Major minerals (INSPIRE) Metal (symbol) Metal (INSPIRE) Minor minerals Minor metal (symbol) Trace minerals Metal trace (symbol) Final product Final product (INSPIRE)

EGDI is EuroGeoSurveys European Geological Data Infrastructure. It provides access to Pan-European and national geological datasets and services from the Geological Survey Organisations of Europe. Through EGDI data from a number of European data harmonisation projects are accessible. This map shows available data products registered in EGDI.

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